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Jackie, André & Assegai Rest Farm

Jackie: My path is a long and windey road… I ‘landed’ in Robertson in 2002 after falling in love with André – and moving here from big city life. With a Corporate background in the Insurance & Oil Industry, it did take some adjustment to settle down to small town life.  It didn't take long before my passion for this spectacular area of our country flourised, and I remain passionate about the people and the tourism opportunities of the Klaasvoogds area and the Langerberg region.

Andre I



Together they bought Assegai Rest Farm at the end of 2012 and decided to start a holiday accommodation business. Assegai House on the farm was perfect for that, but needed renovating and changes to make it a comfortable, self-catering Pet Friendly Accommodation.

We only had funds left to build something ‘small’ for ourselves to live in, and as we needed to get it built quickly we decided on building our cottage on stilts with Nutec Boards and with internal wood cladding. The building plans, concepts and ideas planted a seed with Andre that was set to germinate into something even more fun & exciting …. 

Building started on the Paws TiPi camp in mid-2014 and we hosted the first guests in December 2014. Magic TiPi camp opened in March 2015. Our beautiful Noy Noy TiPi opened in 2016, and it really is something special. We have subsequently done a revamp to the kitchen areas at the TiPi's, and continuous solar system upgrades. We are very pleased about the response to the TiPi Creation and really love sharing our spaces with like-minded people.

We also do love travelling and exploring different places in South Africa. We love meeting new people and sharing good times with friends and family. Our place is Pet Friendly because we love travelling with our Fur Kids : 2 Black Labradors – Bella (baby at heart) and Durango (the gentle soul) and our black cat - Tensing (climber).