Assegai Rest – Covid 19 Safety Protocols

The safety and wellbeing of our Guests and Staff is our priority. We have always taken pride in the standard of hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitisation which our Guests have always been accustomed to at Assegai Rest. However, in response to the current situation we are enforcing even more stringent measures in line with the recommendations of international and national Health Authorities.
Both the Farm-house and the TiPi accommodations are self-catering and are situated a distance apart from each other to ensure absolute privacy with no / limited interaction with other Guests. To alleviate the risk of transmission, stringent social distancing etiquette will be implemented between guests and staff to reduce person-to- person contact.

“Pre-arrival” Formalities

  • The Emails sent to our guests in advance of their stay explain the Covid-19 protocols that are in place at each of the individual accommodations.
  • Detailed Covid-19 protocols available on our website.
  • All extra’s, i.e. wood purchase and doggy surcharge is payable upfront to ensure that no cash is handled on site.

Administration & Check-In

  • Non contact, self check-in at all of our accommodations.  When we do come around during the course of the guests’ stay, we taken into account the appropriate social distancing and use our masks

  • There is at least 24 hours in-between the next guest check in.  During that time the correct ventilation practices are undertaken.

  • Cash handling will be kept to a minimum. 

Cleaning measures

  • Surfaces are cleaned & sanitised frequently. Appropriate disinfectants are used.
  • Good hand hygiene is encouraged. Sanitiser (70% alcohol based) is available throughout the property for use by staff and guests.
  • Frequently touched surfaces are sanitised more regularly.
  • We ventilate all rooms during cleaning.
  • When replacing linen it is bagged in the room before transporting it.

Our team is trained and protected

  • We screen our staff for any COVID-symptoms. Anyone showing temperatures higher than 37.5C, or showing any symptoms, are immediately sent home to obtain medical clearance
  • Our staff are trained on best hygiene practices.
  • The prescribed PPE is supplied to our team to safely manage their tasks.